Preston Bostwick,

Youth Pastor


50 Things About Me

I was born in and raised in Georgia so you’ll have to forgive any random “Go, Dawgs, Rff, Rff!!”  I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior as a child in our small Methodist church there and have been serving him ever since.  I began working with youth in my first two years of college and I knew it was a “fit”. I served on a ministry team sponsored by the Baptist Student Union during my college career and managed to find time to complete my Marketing BA with a minor in French.

I found a passion for travel while in college as well spending a summer in Europe and doing mission work in Brazil and Mexico. After graduating I tried to settle back down in my little hometown but God had bigger plans. I soon left to pursue my MBA at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK and that’s where I met my beautiful bride, Paige. We sang together in the music ministry program there and travelled on missions to The Netherlands. Though Paige stood out to me then, it wasn’t until ten years later that we would reconnect while attending the same church in Tulsa.

During my eleven years in Tulsa, I continued to find ways to minister to students outside of work. I volunteered with Young Life, I served as a college wing backer, and went with Teen Mania missions to Hungary.  I have always loved to sing and had the opportunity to travel with the Messiah choir and orchestra to Poland.


Name: Preston Turner Bostwick, Jr.

Gender: Male

Age: 44

Birthday: December 20

Status: Married

Hometown: Arlington, GA


Education: Marketing, MBA

Occupation: Youth Pastor

School: Miss. State, ORU

Location: Cleveland, TX


Quote: Carpe Diem “Sieze the day”  

Movies: Newsies, Narnia, Tombstone, The Princess Bride, Count of Monte Cristo

TV Shows: Extreme Home Makeover, American Idol

Musicians: Josh Groban, Rascal Flats, Paige Bostwick

Travel Destination: Destin, FL; Winter Park, CO; Disney World; Paris; New York City

Hobbies: Running, volleyball, tennis, softball, ropes fascilitation, cooking


    Office: 281-592-4130

Cell: 832-579-7008   



I often prayed while working in different fields where my destiny was and how God would use my experiences. I’ve worked in careers from banking  to software sales and support, from substitute teaching to university admissions. And when God opened the door for full-time youth work, I turned it down initially. Can you believe it?

I love working for God.   I love Jesus.  I love my amazing and talented wife and precious son and new daughter.  I am so thankful for our Liberty Church family and the home we have found in Cleveland.  I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to work with an awesome group of young people who are destined for greatness.